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No two facilities are alike...
No two cooling solutions will deliver the same results...

Here at Edwards Chiller Solutions LLC, we listen first, and talk later. You can choose from one of the broadest lines of air cooled and liquid cooled chillers in the industry. All engineered to perform in the most demanding applications. You can count on Edwards Engineering for unsurpassed performance, and reliability...

...And the freedom to create the solution that suits you.

  “Edwards Engineering Products offer superior quality and design in a line of packaged liquid chillers developed to provide the widest range of standard, ready to install systems— from indoor laboratory chillers to “walk-in” units. Each solution is “virtually” packaged in 3D to ensure the highest quality documentation, production and installation. Each chiller is backed by over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of heat transfer products. Over 11,000 Edwards Chillers have been manufactured and shipped to industries ranging from pharmaceutical and chemical to food processing and brew pubs! Once you own an Edwards Chiller, you will know that not all chillers are built alike!”

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3D Computer Aided Design System
Who Buys Edwards Chillers?
Petroleum Industry

Chemical cooling and volatile organic compound (VOC) vapor recovery


Cool lasers and magnetic resonance imaging systems. Edwards chillers cool the laser tip with chilled water in a closed loop system. An intermediate heat exchanger can be provided where de-ionized water is required.

Printing and Etching Equipment

High speed color printing processes require accurate temperature control of the cooling liquid. Edwards packaged chillers can provide a completely automatic system, including all controls, valves, and accessories needed for such close temperature control

Food Industry

Used in processing dairy products, beer and wine. Edward process chillers can provide accurate temperature control of ingredient mixing water, vegetable, and poultry cooling water, and can operate with a propylene glycol cooling water solution. Intermediate 316 stainless steel heat exchangers can be provided as part of the packaged unit. Chillers can additionally be used to cool storage areas.

Machine Industry

Constant hydraulic cooling allows absolute temperature control for optimum equipment operation. Compressors, metal treating ovens, and many special metal fabricating processes show marked improvement when an Edwards chiller is put on the line.

Plastics Industry

Injection Blow Molding - Edwards Chillers can service an individual mold or act as a central unit to provide controlled temperature solutions to several molds. Fingertip thermostat adjustment changes temperatures quickly for varied temperature requirements.

Extrusion Cooling - Heat can be removed from extrusions quickly providing improved product quality and faster operation of either closed systems or open trough cooling.

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